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Why Richu became a Personal Trainer 01 Jun 17

Why Richu became a Personal Trainer…

“ I became a personal trainer because i love fitness and helping people succeed. I enjoy that my work is hands on, physical and exciting. Knowing that I am able to have a positive impact on someone's lifestyle gives me great purpose..."

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"Making It"... 19 Jul 17

Experienced Coach Adam Hayley from "RNT FITNESS" shares his views on "Making it" as a Personal Trainer...

5 rules on ‘Making It’ as a Personal Trainer

  1. Practice what you preach: This doesn’t mean that you have to walk around looking like a Greek god, or compete in physique competitions.
 But, if you want your potential clients to aspire to you (and this is key) then you simply must look like you at least train.
How that look is defined can and should be dictated by your target avatar. In my case as an example, my target clientele are ‘intermediate/advanced’ trainees and often physique/bikini competitors. This means that my physique needs to show that it too, can be competitive on-stage.
Your target market may be beginner clients that simply want to improve health markers or feel more confident. In this instance, my type of physique may actually be counter-productive and come across intimidating. Instead you simply having a physique that looks ‘healthy’ may well be what that potential client is going to gravitate toward as they can relate.
Whichever route you decide to take yourself in terms of your own physique, let me sum it up in a nutshell: Look the part.
  1. Be your own transformation: One tool that is incredibly powerful for a PT in terms of marketing is to simply record your own transformation. This is more for those with body composition based clients, which when you look at the reason most clients join the gym – will actually end up being the vast majority of a trainers client base.
As a trainer, if you can’t either 1) Add a significant amount of muscle or 2) Get very lean at least once – how can you empathise and relate to what your clients are going through? How do you know what to adjust when you hit a plateau?
Clients pick up on this. If you simply look ‘slim’ due to good genetics that haven’t required any planning or execution to look that way, how do you know what to do when a client wants to get from 15% bodyfat down to sub-10%?
Having spent 11 years working in gyms, and the last 4 of which as a senior trainer for one of the leading personal training companies globally I’ve noticed a huge correlation: Those that have made drastic improvements to their own physique are (more often than not) the better trainers on that particular gym floor.
 Remember that you’re in a results based business. You need to do everything in your power to hone your craft at delivering those results with your clients time and again.
  1. Don’t be a Jack of all trades and master of none: If you take a look at my website for example, it’s very clear that I purely work with clients on body composition.
That means I do two things with clients:
  • I add muscle to them
  • I get them lean
I don’t advertise; injury rehab, core conditioning, sports specific, postural correction etc etc as I simply couldn’t excel at all of that.
In fact I’ve even turned down clients wanting me to work on their marathon training nutrition, off-season work for their sports and what not. Because it’s not what I’m known for, or passionate about. Instead I refer out to another trainer that does specialise within that field.
Pick your passion/skill and own it. Make that your niche. While every other trainer in the gym is taking on every client and delivering sub-par results, be picky. Only take on those clients that suit you.
Not only will you build an aura of exclusivity and respect for staying true to yourself, but your energy in those sessions with clients will be highly visible in front of the other potential clients on that gym floor. If you’re training clients for a goal that you don’t feel passionate about or don’t resonate with – people will see through it. You’ll coast through your sessions.
Ultimately, if you’re as excited (if not more) as your client to be there and you deliver each session with energy and passion – that will take care of the results!
  1. Never stop learning: While your PT courses are becoming more and more in-depth recently, which is great, don’t think that your learning stops there.
Experiment continuously on yourself. Attend seminars from those that are in the top of your field and that you look up to. Book Skype consults in with other trainers that you respect, and get their take on things. Study textbooks on areas that you’re passionate in, or areas that you know are a weakness of yours.
As examples of these:
  • I either compete or diet down to single digit bodyfat every year without fail – to test new diet and supplement protocols on myself before rolling out to clients
  • I’ve attended courses and seminars ranging from contest preparation to myofascial release to anthropometrics
  • I’ve paid money to Skype with other coaches through the US that I wouldn’t have face-to-face access to
  • I continually read textbooks on physiology, nutrition etc
  1. Be prepared to graft: If you’re expecting to be earning the big bucks and picking your own hours from day one – you’re in for a bit of a shock.
That’s like expecting a six figure income on a minimal wage work ethic.
To get the point of being able to pick my own hours took me years of grinding away building a name for myself and receiving transformation after transformation with clients.
When I left my local gym to go work for the firm in London, most around me thought that this what it ‘Adam had made it’ – when it fact, that was the start. Getting to that point would have been enough for most, but for me it was a stepping stone.
Once I’d started there, I was on a 4.55am train into London 6 days per week, and often not getting home until 11pm. My one day ‘off’ from traveling into London for clients was a Sunday, but that was the day that I would work with my online clients and promote that side of the business. So, it was long ass days pretty much 7 days per week.
Was it worth it? Absolutely.
I rose to the top of that business within 3-4 years. This resulted in me finishing in the top 2 for the most transformations out of 126 trainers across the business, teaching seminars across the UK and Hong Kong to other trainers, doing contest prep and eventually giving me the opportunity to launch my own online coaching business in May of this year, RNT Fitness.
It’s only now that I’m able to choose my own hours. Although don’t mistake that for working ‘less’ hours. I still have to put the work in – it’s just that it’s now on my time.
Adam Hayley

Instagram: @adamhayley1
Facebook: RNTFitness

Embrace Change! 17 Oct 17

From "PE Petrified" to Personal Trainer!
Right, rewind several years - it is the middle of winter and I am once again psyching myself up for the ‘Bog Trot’… Yes it is as glamorous as it sounds; it is the School’s annual cross-country run… I was no different; anyone who knew me would remember that I was not a fan of exercise, and having to run any type of distance was a nightmare in my teenage opinion! 
So, yes, I was always that kid who would try and fake an ankle injury at the last minute to avoid the Bog Trot or PE classes on the track.
Fast-forward to 2017, A-levels, a University Degree, and two years of Environmental Consultancy later, and here I am sat writing this post as a newly qualified Personal Trainer.  Had anyone told me years before in those PE changing rooms that I would now be a Personal Trainer and working in the health and fitness industry, I would have simply laughed at such a ridiculous thought.
So what changed?
After reaching my heaviest and unhealthiest weight at University, and with the risk of certain weight-related diseases running through the family, I decided I needed to change.  I wanted to be the best possible and healthiest version of me I could be – so I told myself to ‘get a grip’, hold my nerve and I stepped into the gym for the first time …
Before I knew it, I was attending the gym on a regular basis, originally training by myself, then with friends and family, and finally with the guidance and support of the Personal Trainers at The Performance Project.  After a lot of hard work, consistently ticking the boxes and putting advice into action, I was 40lbs down.  Yes it was hard, yes my patience was repeatedly tested, and yes I fell off the bandwagon a few times (no one is perfect!). BUT my lifestyle, my attitude towards exercise and nutrition and most importantly, my self-esteem and confidence had completely changed.  I was happier and healthier than I have ever been, and staying fit, healthy and strong is now a lifestyle I absolutely love living.
This got me thinking – embracing change is more than simply altering a bad habit for the sake of it; it is about having the courage and determination to start from the beginning, and take a number of small steps in order to progress and grow positive and sustainable way.  I didn’t just stumble upon the healthier and happier version of myself, and I wanted to use my own experiences with fitness and nutrition to help others embrace change and achieve their own goals in the same way The Performance Project helped me.
So, I jumped at the opportunity to do my Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma when I bumped into Scott from Training to Train.  With the support from an experienced, knowledgeable and inspiring tutor, a wealth of online and practical learning materials, and the flexible nature of the course and assessments, I was able to study alongside my previous job and qualify within 6 months. 
I’m now working full-time as a Semi Private Coach at the place where it all started – The Performance Project.  Helping others to embrace change, achieve different goals, and live a stronger and healthier lifestyle, in the same way I have, is a process I absolutely love being part of. 
I am still relatively new to the fitness industry and going from gym member to gym coach is really just the start of my journey.  We will always be our own greatest investment, and in the same way gym members continue to invest in their health and happiness, I will continue to invest in myself, always looking to learn and improve, to be best Personal Trainer and Semi-Private Coach I can be.

Gina Latus
Instagram: @gina_tpp | @theperformanceproject
Facebook: The Performance Project Personal Training

What I wish I knew... 05 Feb 18

What I Wish I Knew... on Day 1 as a Qualified PT
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It is by far the best teacher, better than any coach or tutor out there. Have a read of this article and take note – don’t make the same mistakes I did and save yourself years on your journey to being an awesome personal trainer.
I wish there had been an article like this when I was first starting out. I, like many young, aspiring PT’s had no role model or more experienced PT to look up to or learn from…probably something to do with the fact that lots of PT’s give up within 3 years – don’t be one of those! Read and take action and avoid being just another statistic.
Personal training is one of the most rewarding careers you can have. You’re in the business of helping people and it doesn’t get much better than that. You have a duty to share your knowledge with people who need your help and you have an obligation to dive in and learn as much as you can about all this health and fitness stuff in order to serve them best.
These points are not in any particular order, they’re arranged into a convenient list for you:

  1. This is the best job in the world but remember, it’s a BUSINESS not a HOBBY. Look at how other businesses are run with sustainability at the top of their values then model them. Many PT’s treat this game like a hobby and end up quitting because they can’t pay the bills. Don’t be one of them.
  2. You are in the sales industry. Learn basic sales tactics and techniques.
  3. People will not be queuing up to work with you. Put yourself out there and help people for free. Train friends, do favours for favours with web designers etc and do competitions with PT as prizes. Offer to help everyone and be BUSY. Being busy will increase your perceived demand to other perspective clients. You need a portfolio of testimonials to demonstrate to people how you can help them, this is how you get started.
  4. Charge what you want to earn, not what you think you are worth. The more you charge, the more you will increase the quality of your services to justify the price. It’s a positive feedback loop for you and your clients.
  5. You’re required to do a 12 week plan as part of your PT course for a reason so DO THEM. Planning ahead is how you get results in every aspect of life and your clients’ results are no different. Plan for the long term to demonstrate to your clients (and competitors) how committed you are.
  6. Take payment FIRST. No payment no PT.
  7. Respect your own diary. Plan NOW which hours you want to work and those you don’t and block it into your phone calendar. Don’t budge on this. There are clients to suit every schedule. If you don’t want to do that Sunday am slot then don’t do it!
  8. People don’t care about you. They care about what you can do for them. You fix problems so demonstrate that with your client testimonials and pictures.
  9. Less is more. If you can’t justify why it’s in the plan, take it out. Bosu ball pistol squats have no place in any plan, ever.
  10. Your clients are not competitive bodybuilders so don’t treat them like they are. “Sacrifice to win” won’t cut it with 45 year old Sally who has to find the time to cook for 3 kids as well as taxi them to all their clubs and work a part time job AND THEN find the time to work out.
The general standard of PT worldwide is varied. Tall poppy syndrome is a good thing, following this principles will help you shoot above the rest and draw attention to yourself for helping people. What could be better?


"Just wanted to say "thank you" for everything! You have inspired me, educated me. I love the effort that you put into me and the others and left an indelible mark!"

"My name is Warren Barnes, I have wanted to be a Personal Trainer for the last ten years, but due to my spelling and reading I was not confident to do the course I finally built up the courage to do the course. My teacher was Mr. Scott Richardson, I could not of asked for a better teacher, very helpful in and out of the class, very encouraging, outstanding teacher. Today I am a fully qualified Personal trainer and making a successful living. "

"My 7 week Personal Training course Level 2-3 was an awesome experience! Very challenging but having a great tutor, support & teacher in Scott Richardson made the process easier. Scott has done a great job with me and not only me… Many thanks for your help, your support and being such a great tutor and example for all of us! I graduated in a Sport University, but never had a teacher like him, making the process easy and enjoyable. I would recommend this Great tutor and teacher to all those who are interested in fitness and a career in fitness. You won’t regret it !!! "

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