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A: Yes! Once you have completed all elements of your course, you are fully qualified to start working. Upon course completion - we will provide you with a formal letter of completion to assist your application for a job.
Your official certificates can take approximately 3 months to be received.
A: Our Tutors are very experienced at guiding students with their individual learning needs at the forefront of the journey. Our approach is not just about getting people onto courses, but is about getting the right people onto a course and supporting them throughout their training. Our Tutors are industry current in their knowledge and methods as they are all still active in their roles helping a variety of clients on a daily basis.
A: Many of our students have trained with us whilst working in a full-time job. Some of our courses take place around weekends and we have a variety of learning formats to ensure that courses can be taken in conjunction with a full-time job and a busy lifestyle.
A: Yes! You can either pay for your course in 1 upfront payment or pay a deposit and pay for the remainder of your course in manageable monthly instalments.
A: The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) is a regulatory body for fitness qualifications. Through gaining qualifications with Training to Train, you will be eligible to join REPs and have an industry-wide recognition of your qualifications. You can continue to develop your knowledge base with CPD (continued professional development) points that will be added to the professional register upon completion of further qualifications.
A: CYQ (Central YMCA Qualifications) is the awarding organisation for our qualifications. Our courses are recognised by the REPs - which means that they are fully recognised in the UK. The qualifications also have worldwide recognition with any countries that have signed up to eREPs which are countries within the European Union and ICREPs such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In other Countries, you may be required to complete an assessment if the qualification is not automatically recognised.
A: A face-to-face course, which is also termed an intensive course, involves completing all of the course components at the course venue with a tutor delivering the entire content. A blended learning option is a combination of the theory being completed at home on our E-Learning site, with course attendance being required for the practical training days.
A: Our only age restriction is that you are 16 years and above to train with us. There are certainly no upper age limits when training for a career in fitness. The industry has a good market for instructors and trainers of any age.
A: If you are unsuccessful with your assessment you can retake it at a later date. There is a fee of £40 for a practical re-assessment and £40 for a theory re-assessment.


"Just wanted to say "thank you" for everything! You have inspired me, educated me. I love the effort that you put into me and the others and left an indelible mark!"

"My name is Warren Barnes, I have wanted to be a Personal Trainer for the last ten years, but due to my spelling and reading I was not confident to do the course I finally built up the courage to do the course. My teacher was Mr. Scott Richardson, I could not of asked for a better teacher, very helpful in and out of the class, very encouraging, outstanding teacher. Today I am a fully qualified Personal trainer and making a successful living. "

"My 7 week Personal Training course Level 2-3 was an awesome experience! Very challenging but having a great tutor, support & teacher in Scott Richardson made the process easier. Scott has done a great job with me and not only me… Many thanks for your help, your support and being such a great tutor and example for all of us! I graduated in a Sport University, but never had a teacher like him, making the process easy and enjoyable. I would recommend this Great tutor and teacher to all those who are interested in fitness and a career in fitness. You won’t regret it !!! "

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