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Kettlebell Instructor Course

Kettlebells have become extremely popular additions to the personal trainers arsenal due to the range of explosive exercises that challenge all of the major muscles, strengthen the core, burn fat, and build power.
If you’re a fitness professional who wants to increase your functional training knowledge and add a new dimension to your exercise library - this kettlebell course will be the one for you. 
Learn to…
•   Understand the history and benefits of kettlebell training
•   Teach a dynamic flexibility warm up and mobilisation for multi planar joint exercises
•   Demonstrate and perform kettlebell exercises with strong technique.
•   Teach kettlebell exercises in a safe and effective manner, including modifications, progressions and regressions for technique. Plan and deliver a group exercise class as well as a one-to-one PT session
•   1 day face-to-face learning (a mixture of theory and practical)
•   Formative assessment will take place over the course of the day – students will be required to demonstrate competence in the criteria based on the learning aims of the day.
Price: £129
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"Just wanted to say "thank you" for everything! You have inspired me, educated me. I love the effort that you put into me and the others and left an indelible mark!"

"My name is Warren Barnes, I have wanted to be a Personal Trainer for the last ten years, but due to my spelling and reading I was not confident to do the course I finally built up the courage to do the course. My teacher was Mr. Scott Richardson, I could not of asked for a better teacher, very helpful in and out of the class, very encouraging, outstanding teacher. Today I am a fully qualified Personal trainer and making a successful living. "

"My 7 week Personal Training course Level 2-3 was an awesome experience! Very challenging but having a great tutor, support & teacher in Scott Richardson made the process easier. Scott has done a great job with me and not only me… Many thanks for your help, your support and being such a great tutor and example for all of us! I graduated in a Sport University, but never had a teacher like him, making the process easy and enjoyable. I would recommend this Great tutor and teacher to all those who are interested in fitness and a career in fitness. You won’t regret it !!! "

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